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Will Kantara be a Hindi remake? Superstar Rishabh Shetty gave this reaction


Oct 31, 2022
Will Kantara be a Hindi remake? Superstar Rishabh Shetty gave this reaction

The Kannada film Kantara, which released on 30 September, has become a huge success not only in Karnataka but across the country. People across the country are praising this film and are seen in long queues in theatres. A month after its release, the film is still ringing the cash register bells at the ticket windows. The film’s actor and director Rishabh Shetty is very happy that Kantara is a blockbuster and even if it is not, many big directors and stars of cinema have finally admired his skills.

While this film got immense love from the audience and critics, it has also made its place in the hearts of celebrities and prominent personalities of the country. Celebrities including Rana Daggubati, Dhanush, Anil Kumble, Prabhas, Rajinikanth and Kangana Ranaut have lauded the Kannada-language action thriller on social media. Recently overwhelmed by the love and affection the film has received, the actor-director gave his reaction on whether he is planning to remake it in Hindi.

Rishabh Shetty gave this reaction in Hindi remake of ‘Kantara’

During a conversation with ETimes, Rishabh Shetty clarified that a film like Kantara should not be made in Hindi. He said, ‘You have to believe in the roots and culture to play such characters. There are many big actors in the Hindi film industry whom I admire but I am not interested in remakes. While speaking about the box office collection, Rishabh Shetty admitted that he did not expect Kantara to do so well. They say, ‘I don’t know… it’s just now. Cinema has a special energy and we have talked about our culture and folklore in the film. So, I think with the blessings of God, the film has been released across India.

Viewers demanding to send ‘Kantara’ to the Oscars

As the film continues to shower love, a section of fans believe that the film deserves to be nominated for an Oscar and win in some categories. The Kannada actor-director said that he would not react to these demands and said, ‘I have seen 25000 tweets about it now. It makes me happy but I don’t comment on it. Because I didn’t work for this success. I worked for work..that’s all.’

Rajinikanth got goosebumps after watching ‘Kantara’

Recently Superstar Rajinikanth praised the film and shared a great review of the film. After watching the film, he wrote on Twitter, ‘Unknow is many times bigger than any known. No one could have said this in cinema better than Hombley Films. Kantara, you have given me goosebumps. Salute to Rishabh Shetty as a writer, director and actor. This is a masterpiece of Indian cinema and congratulations to the entire cast and crew for this. In Rajni’s post, he confessed that after watching the film he started feeling drowsy, the film gave him goosebumps. He appreciated and saluted Rishabh Shetty’s acting, writing and directing skills. For Rishabh Shetty, this message is a big achievement in itself.

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