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Who is Niti Goyal, who unites day and night to help the needy? This connection is with Sonu Sood


Sep 12, 2022
Who is Niti Goyal, who unites day and night to help the needy? This connection is with Sonu Sood

During the Corona era, when people across the country were in a very helpless and compulsive state, then Neeti Goel, who recognized herself as a successful businesswoman, geared up to help the needy people and did whatever she could. She could have done everything and is still doing it today. Niti Goyal runs many restaurants. His station ‘Amor Stage’, built to spend a memorable holiday in Alibaug, is also very popular. It is worth noting that in 2019, he has been awarded the ‘Restaurant of the Year’ award during a grand ceremony held at the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Not only this, a restaurant run by him was also included in the 50 best restaurants in the world. He was also included in the 50 Most Influential Indians at a prestigious ceremony held at London Bridge in London. Many achievements are registered in the name of Niti Goyal, who has experience of running many restaurants. But apart from being an entrepreneur, he also has a different personality.

When migrant laborers across the country were facing a lot of difficulties due to the suddenly announced lockdown, Niti Goyal along with actor Sonu Sood decided to start a unique campaign called ‘Send Ghar’. Through this campaign, he helped in sending about one and a half lakh daily wage laborers to their homes by buses, trains and planes. Not only this, both of them started providing food to 1200 people daily in the initial days through the ‘Khaa Hai’ campaign and now the total number of people who get the benefit of food prepared with their help has gone up to 8 million.

32 orphanages and 800 sex workers were also adopted on their behalf. Not only this, 1000 houses were also constructed for the people affected by the cyclone and arrangements were made to help them by connecting with the transgender community in jails. During the Corona period, about 5 lakh daily wage laborers returned to their homes through Shramik trains.

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