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When Ali Goni showed the moves on ‘Kala Chashma’, the gharaati-barati jumped, watch the viral video


Sep 11, 2022
When Ali Goni showed the moves on 'Kala Chashma', the gharaati-barati jumped, watch the viral video


Ali Goni has been seen dancing in fun.
Ali specially reached Manali with Jasmine.

Aly Goni Dance Video: TV artist Ali Goni always appears in the mood for fun. Whenever there is a chance of a party, they come out openly and enjoy fiercely. Recently ‘Yeh He Mohabbatein’ fame Krishna Mukherjee got engaged in Manali. Many beautiful photos of this engagement went viral on social media. Now a dance video from this engagement is going viral, in which Ali Goni is seen dancing in fun.

‘Naagin’ fame actress Krishna Mukherjee got engaged to Navy officer Chirag Batliwala in a private function. Apart from the family of Krishna and Chirag, only a few special friends attended this engagement function. During this, when the song ‘Kala Chashma ..’ was played, Ali Goni could not stop himself. These days, he sat down on his knees in front of Chirag Krishna to perform the famous dance move on this song. He kept on dancing for a long time while sitting down. Seeing him dancing like this in fun, all the gharaati baratis also started swinging with fun. Jasmin Bhasin was also seen laughing at Ali’s style during this time.

viral photos on social media
Let us tell you that Krishna Mukherjee and Ali Goni are very good friends. This is the reason that Ali especially reached Manali with Jasmine. He was very excited about Krishna’s engagement and also shared many photos of the engagement on social media. His fun-filled style was seen in these photos too. Krishna’s friend Shirin Mirza also reached the engagement.

I fell in love on seeing the lamp
Krishna will tie the knot with Chirag next year in 2023. Krishna once told that when he first saw Chirag in a navy uniform, it was only then that he was heartbroken. Since Chirag is a private person, he does not like to come in much lime light. This is the reason why the engagement function was also kept simple.

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