What is a ‘no-fly zone,’ and why enforcing one in Ukraine could be disastrous?

What is a 'no-fly zone,' and why enforcing one in Ukraine could be disastrous?

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine enters its eighth day, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has requested US Vice President Joe Biden and NATO countries to enforce a ‘no-fly zone’ over areas of the country.

Even as the former Soviet republic sees a mounting number of civilian bodies, the West has angrily rejected this proposal, with US President Barack Obama refusing to directly respond to Zelenskiy’s demands.

What is a ‘no-fly zone’ and why is the US and NATO opposing it?

A ‘no-fly zone’ is a military-controlled area where certain aircraft are not permitted to fly.

‘No-fly’ zones are implemented during conflicts or wars to prevent enemies from assaulting the country that is protected in the zone.

A ‘no-fly zone’ differs from a restricted airspace that only allows commercial planes to fly.If a ‘no-fly zone’ is created, the military of the country or coalition that imposed it will be required to shoot down enemy planes (in this case, the Russians).

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