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Viral Video: Pawan Singh called Dimple Singh and Kallu illegitimate brother-in-law, the person said – ‘It is a great insult’


Dec 7, 2022
Viral Video: Pawan Singh called Dimple Singh and Kallu illegitimate brother-in-law, the person said - 'It is a great insult'

Actor Pawan Singh, who is called the powerstar of Bhojpuri cinema, is constantly in controversy these days. In the meanwhile, he is surrounded due to controversies with Khesari Lal Yadav sometimes in his personal life. In such a situation, once again he is seen becoming a part of the controversy. This time, he has come under fire for calling Arvind Akela Kallu and actress Dimple Singh as illegitimate brother-in-law and not because of Khesari.

In fact, a video of Arvind Akela Kallu and Dimple Singh (Arvind Akela Kallu-Dimple Singh Video) is going viral on YouTube, in which it is seen that both have gone for some stage and during this video actress Pawan Singh Takes on call. Only then the process of conversation starts between the two and in the meantime Powerstar Bhojpuri actress is called illegitimate sister-in-law. Pawan says that ‘don’t forgive us because you are our illegitimate sister-in-law’. On the other hand, when Arvind picks up the phone alone Kallu, Pawan also says to him ‘Ka re saala’. Immediately on this Kallu is seen saying that ‘everyone is watching’. There are a lot of reactions of people on this video, which seems to be taking the form of a ruckus.

Pawan Singh Controversial Statement

If we talk about the reactions of the users, then one wrote, ‘If someone wrong in this video, then see how he is speaking’. The other wrote, ‘Gazab beijjati ba bhai’. The third wrote, ‘E Powerstar Hai Bole Ke Tameez Na Ba’. The fourth wrote, ‘Piyakkada Kahan Ba ​​Re’. Along with this, another wrote, ‘Kallu ko sala bole aur mande mande smile rahe hai kya baat hai’. Similarly, people are raising a lot of objections on this video and are commenting fiercely. A ruckus is visible on this video.

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Pawan Singh’s stars in decline
Significantly, Pawan Singh’s stars are in decline these days. The dispute with wife Jyoti Singh (Pawan Singh Wife jyoti Singh Controversy) seems to be affecting his career. He has been thrown out of Abhay Sinha’s London project and Khesari has been entered. After this there was a lot of uproar. Pawan fans also trolled Khesari a lot for this. People started making songs in the name of his family and daughter. Khesari came live on this and he vented his anger. If we talk about his upcoming films, it includes the film ‘Kaise Ho Jala Pyaar’, whose trailer video was also released recently. Now people are eagerly waiting for its release. In this, you will see Kajal Raghwani opposite her.

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