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VIDEO: Shehnaaz Gill harassed the driver to entertain himself


Jul 27, 2022
VIDEO: Shehnaaz Gill harassed the driver to entertain himself

Shehnaaz Gill is very active on social media. She often shares her videos and pictures on social media. This time the video that Shahnaz has shared is quite funny. In this 3-minute video, Shehnaaz can be seen forcing her driver to ask some questions, as she is getting bored sitting in the car and in such a situation, she can be seen asking the driver some questions to entertain herself. Looks compelled to ask. This cute style of Shahnaz has become viral on social media, fans are very much liking this video of her.

It can be seen in the video that Shahnaz can be seen talking to her driver and telling him about his favorite things. Sharing the video on Instagram, Shahnaz Gill wrote in the caption, “Now I am bored then I…. I entertain myself.”

Video shot sitting in car
Let us tell you that Shahnaz himself has shot this video sitting in a car. The video begins with Shehnaaz asking her driver how she feels about monsoon, and then she replies, “I feel great. I was waiting for the rain. And now look the rain has come. ,
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forced the driver
In the video, Shahnaz says that she loves rain because she feels very relaxed during the rain. The sound of raindrops dripping, it gives great relief to his heart. After this, in the next video, she requests the driver to ask something else. She forces the driver to ask questions with her cute antics. However, their driver asks questions one after the other, like where do they like to travel? What do you like for dinner? Where do you like to live and what do you like to do apart from shooting? etc etc.

Shahnaz replied
In the video, Shahnaz tells that she likes to live in Mumbai, because Mumbai has given her everything that she wanted. After this he told that he loves to roam in Lonavala. She also reveals that apart from shooting, she enjoys watching herself on screen after the shoot.

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