VIDEO: Rakhi Sawant’s boyfriend Adil Khan is getting threats from Bishnoi gang! Said – is it a crime to love?

Rakhi Sawant is in love with Adil Khan Durrani these days. After ending the relationship with Ritesh, Adil came into his life. Both are spending a lot of quality time with each other. Both of them do not shy away from expressing their love even when they come in front of the paparazzi. Amidst the talk of love, Rakhi Sawant has made such an allegation, after which everyone is stunned. Rakhi Sawant alleged that her boyfriend Adil is getting death threats. The actress claims that these alleged threats are being received by Adil from the Bishnoi gang.

A video of Rakhi Sawant, famous by the name of ‘Drama Queen’, has surfaced, in which she has shown this phone threat. However, Rakhi gave a stern warning to the Bishnoi gang and asked them to stay away from Adil Khan.

‘Adil is my love’
Talking to the paparazzi about this, Rakhi said, ‘We both love each other. What have we done for you? Why are you threatening us? Adil is my love. I can’t live without him. If anything happens to my Adil then…’

Rakhi said- Set up sister’s house, don’t ruin it
Rakhi further says, ‘Stop threatening him. Because before that I have to finish those people. why would you kill me Is it a crime to love someone? Have you never loved anyone? Nothing should happen to my Aadil. Take it seriously. what does this mean? you are my brother. Set up a sister’s house, don’t ruin it. I am shocked.

A person named Dawood Hassan sent a message
During this, Rakhi also shows threatening messages on the phone. Which is allegedly sent by a person named Dawood Hassan. In which it was written- ‘We will kill you, threat from Bishnoi group. Stay away from Rakhi Sawant.

Let us tell you that a few days ago Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan had also received death threats through a similar letter.

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