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VIDEO: Rakhi Sawant is pregnant? Said- ‘My Bahubali is going to come soon to rectify the sinners’


Jul 12, 2022
VIDEO: Rakhi Sawant is pregnant? Said- 'My Bahubali is going to come soon to rectify the sinners'

If you watch the latest video of Rakhi Sawant, then you will understand that Rakhi Sawant is not only called ‘Drama Queen’, she is also a very big drama queen. Recently, Rakhi has made her new boyfriend. Meanwhile, Rakhi’s new video is becoming fiercely viral on social media, in which she looks very strange. He has stuffed something in his T-shirt, seeing which the users are rolling.

It can be seen in the video that Rakhi Sawant has put two balloons in her stomach, due to which her stomach looks quite fat. After that she starts her drama. She tells the person present with her that, “God has told me that I will give birth to such a messiah, such a prophet, who will give birth to such people… Pointing to the side, she says, “My children are going to rectify all such people, who commit so many sins”.

Rakhi said- ‘My Bahubali will come..’
On this Rakhi Sawant The person present with him asks, ‘Is Bahubali coming?’ On this Rakhi Sawant starts shouting loudly that, “Yes, Baahubali will come, very soon, my Bahubali is going to come soon to rectify such sinners.” are getting. After this, the person present with Rakhi Sawant exposes the drama queen’s drama by taking out the balloons. Seeing this, everyone present there starts laughing louder.

This video has been shared by Bollywood paparazzi Viral Bhayani. You should read the reactions given by people in the comment section of the video. Earlier, Rakhi Sawant has recently shared many videos on her Instagram account. In these videos, she is standing with a shovel in her hand and is preparing to pick up the garbage lying on the roadside. After this Rakhi Sawant starts picking up the garbage and also asks the people present around to help in collecting the garbage.

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