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VIDEO: Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Jalsa’ earned a bumper, fans ransacked theaters in happiness; lit firecrackers


Sep 4, 2022
VIDEO: Pawan Kalyan's 'Jalsa' earned a bumper, fans ransacked theaters in happiness; lit firecrackers

Pawan Kalyan, younger brother of actor-politician Chiranjeevi, is one of the most popular actors in the Telugu film industry. He has a huge fan following in South India and people like his acting very much. Recently, the actor celebrated his 51st birthday, in the joy of which special shows of his cult film ‘Jalsa’ were screened in about 501 theaters across Andhra Pradesh for his fans.

Special screening of ‘Jalsa’ was released in 2008

The action comedy film by Trivikram Srinivas with Allu Aravind was released in 2008 and now it has been shown again. The film was a blockbuster that year and became a cult film. Pawan Kalyan is the lead actor in the film while Ileana and Parvati Melton are the lead actresses in his opposite.

The crowd gathered again to see ‘Jalsa’ and was vandalized

For the screening of ‘Jalsa’, there was tremendous enthusiasm among the fans of Pawan Kalyan and a huge crowd gathered to watch the film. However, some shows had to be put on hold following unruly behavior from some fans. Because during that time some theaters were vandalized. For information, let us tell you that the collection coming from the special screening of Jalsa was to support the actor’s political plans and farmers in distress in Andhra Pradesh.jalsa1

According to the information, there was a box office collection of 3.20 crores from the special screening of this film and this money will be donated to the poor.

Firecrackers went off inside the theater between shows

Images surfaced showed fans of the Telugu superstar tearing down cushioned seats at the Leela Mahal Theater in Vizag. According to media reports, during the screening of the film, Kalyan’s fans danced vigorously and also used inflammatory materials like firecrackers inside the hall. A video that surfaced on social media is of Kurnool, where fans were unhappy with the quality of the screening of the film, ransacked the theater when the show was stopped.

Pawan Kalyan will be seen in ‘Hari Hara Veera Mallu’

It is worth noting that earlier, fans of Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu organized a special screening of his blockbuster film Pokiri on his birthday. However, in the meantime the screening of the film has been successful. Whereas Pawan Kalyan’s fans had organized a screening to make a big collection and this has resulted in profit as well as loss. Talking about the actor’s upcoming workfront, Kalyan is currently working on ‘Hari Hara Veera Mallu’ which is slated to release in theaters on March 30, 2023.

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