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VIDEO: Pankaj Tripathi came to Delhi after getting married, there is a special connection with this area of ​​​​Jamuna Par


Aug 3, 2022
VIDEO: Pankaj Tripathi came to Delhi after getting married, there is a special connection with this area of ​​​​Jamuna Par

Pankaj Tripathi: Those Bollywood actors who made a special place in the hearts of people by playing different characters. Pankaj, who hails from Bihar, is still connected to his roots. Today Pankaj Tripathi, who has become famous by the name of OTT King, likes to call himself an artist of the masses. He was awarded the ‘Amrit Ratna Samman’ at a very special program organized by News18 India at the Taj Palace Hotel in Delhi in the backdrop of the Amrit Festival of Independence. Where he not only spoke openly about the journey from his early days till now but also answered the questions of the people. He also recalled his special connection with Delhi during the conversation.

Pankaj Tripathi mentioned many things during the ‘Amrit Ratna Samman’. During this, he also remembered his days when he came to Delhi for the first time. He told how he came from the Ganga Par area of ​​Bihar and settled in Jamuna Par area of ​​Delhi and how beautiful that life was.

During the program, Pankaj Tripathi recalled the days of his struggle and told where he had settled after coming to Delhi. He told that today a lot has changed in that Delhi. The actor told that when he came to Delhi, he was married and had come with his wife with a sack and a bed. After coming to Delhi, he settled his house in the area of ​​Jamuna Par.

He started living in a rented house in Geeta Colony of Delhi and spent about 7-8 months here. He remembered his old days and told that there was a school in front of his house, on the roof of which some elders used to run Laughter Club every morning. Every morning at 6 o’clock the sound of people laughing used to come. At the same time, there was a sitar player in the neighborhood, he used to play sitar at night, listening to which he used to sleep, because every night he used to play melodious tunes. Pankaj Tripathi further said, ‘Sleeping listening to the sitar player and laughing after listening to Laughter Club in the morning. It was such a wonderful life. The only difficulty was that I just didn’t know what to do.

He also talked about the transformation of Delhi. He said that Delhi has changed a lot. Earlier Mandi House did not have a metro station, but now everything has changed due to the metro station and other developments.

Let me tell you, the story of struggle and hard work behind Pankaj Tripathi is very long. Pankaj Tripathi is the star of the industry who has always remained grounded despite stardom, which is why people like him very much.

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