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VIDEO: Mata Rani rides on Arvind Akela Kallu’s actress in ‘Gharwa Aiti E Jija’! Actors scared to see recently


Sep 23, 2022
VIDEO: Mata Rani rides on Arvind Akela Kallu's actress in 'Gharwa Aiti E Jija'! Actors scared to see recently

#Video | Gharwa Aiti-e-Jija | #Arvind Akela Kallu Funny Bhakti Song | Shilpi Raj | Gharwa Aiti Ae Jija: Nine forms of Maa Durga are worshiped in Navratri (Navratri 2022) and this time preparations for Durga Puja are going on with great pomp in Sharadiya Navratri. In such a situation, Bhojpuri’s superstar actor singer Arvind Akela Kallu has once again brought a new goddess song for his fans and listeners, whose lyrics are ‘Gharwa Aiti e Jija….’ In this song, the actor’s sister-in-law is his. Tells brother-in-law about the condition of the wife. It is sung by Kallu in association with Shilpi Raj.

In ‘Gharwa Aiti E Jija’, Shilpi Raghavani plays Arvind Akela Kallu’s sister-in-law while Ritu Chauhan is in the role of his wife on whom the mother goddess is riding. In the video, when the actor washes Manjan as soon as he gets a call, he gets a call from his sister-in-law, who narrates the condition of her sister and says Gharwa Aiti Ae Jija.. In the video, Kallu is stunned to see the terrible form of his wife in a WhatsApp video call. go. Meanwhile, his friends are also surprised to see the sister-in-law. Seeing them, it seems as if a ghost has entered inside them.

The gestures of the artist in the video are made on sight. Lyrics of the song are written by Roshan Singh Vishwas and music is given by Priyanshu Singh while the video director is Ravi Pandit. Earlier Arvind Akela Kallu Devi Geet ‘Imali Ke Bhutwa’ was released from Kiran Music Entertainment’s official YouTube channel. It is shown in its video that actress Ritu Chauhan has been caught by the ghost, for which Kallu comes to Ojha to get the exorcism done and pleads with the Mother Goddess that ‘O Mother, quickly remove the tamarind tree from the top of Bhauji. Take off the ghost and fix the sister-in-law.’ Apart from this, the video of his ‘Diyawa Kaise Barbu Ho’ has been released by the YouTube channel of Adishakti Films.

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