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VIDEO: In Shilpi Raj’s new song, Ankush Raja said to his girlfriend, ‘Aisa chhoti na hota pyar humse kisi sari se hai’


Sep 2, 2022
VIDEO: In Shilpi Raj's new song, Ankush Raja said to his girlfriend, 'Aisa chhoti na hota pyar humse kisi sari se hai'

Full Video – Pyar Humse Shadi Kisi Aur Se | Ankush Raja, Shilpi Raj | Ft. Puja | Bhojpuri Song 2022: Ankush Raja is the trending star of Bhojpuri cinema and apart from acting, he is also known for his singing. Recently, his song ‘Bewafa Ho Gayi’ was released with Kajal Raghavani, in which he was seen suffering the pain of a drunken girlfriend. After this song, now his new song has been released and in this his girlfriend loves to marry him but wants to marry someone else. The lyrics of Ankush’s new song ‘Pyar Humse Shadi Kisi Aur Se’…However, he does not look sad but energetic.

In the song ‘Pyar Humse Shadi Kisi Aur Se’, Ankush can be seen doing amazing moves in rocking style. In the song, the actor’s girlfriend tells him about their relationship and says ‘Kuch din mein chali jaungi main raj se nata jodke’…’ After this his ex-boyfriend says that ‘it’s a bit nahi hota ki pyar humse…marry someone else’. Se ..’ By the way, it is seen in many relationships, in which love couples roam together and enjoy many romantic dates, but when it comes to marriage, they break up by giving the excuse of parent’s consent. . This song is also showing some such lovers.

In the video, Ankush’s chemistry is being seen with Pooja Chaudhary. In this, the glamorous look of the actress is made on sight. Ankush’s new song ‘Pyar Humse Shadi Kisi Aur Se’ has been released on the official YouTube channel of GMJ – Global Music Junction – Bhojpuri on 2 September 2022 i.e. today. The song is sung by Ankush Raja in association with Shilpi Raj. Its lyrics are written by Prince Dubey and music is given by Shubham Raj.

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