VIDEO: ‘Blisters occur inside the mouth, stomach and throat’, Charu Asopa reveals the serious illness of her daughter

Mumbai: The rift between Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajiv Sen and his wife Charu Asopa is no longer hidden from anyone. Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen are constantly in the news for their divorce news. Meanwhile, Charu Asopa has surprised everyone by revealing the illness of her daughter Gianna. The actress shared a video on her YouTube channel on Monday and revealed that her daughter has a serious illness. Due to which they have to be with him all the time and have to take care of him.

Charu told that Gianna has hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD). Charu, who is living separately from husband Rajiv Sen, gets emotional while telling about her daughter’s illness. He told in his video that due to the disease that Gianna has, she gets blisters in her hands, feet, face and mouth, due to which she is unable to eat anything. After this revelation, many users on social media were also seen comforting the actress.

Charu says in her video- ‘Giana has hand, foot and mouth disease. I stay with him all the time. I don’t want him to feel alone at this time. There are blisters on her face, hands, feet and mouth, due to which she is unable to eat anything. Charu says that one day Gianna started crying badly. After which she gave him medicine and took him to the hospital around 2.30 pm.

Charu Asopa reveals daughter Gianna’s illness
He told that Gianna suddenly started crying loudly. Seeing her daughter crying like this, she was terribly scared. But, she gathered courage and is now trying to take care of Gianna. Charu says- ‘I would just like to say in the end that when challenges come in life, you need to work with patience and a calm mind.’

What is HFMD disease
HFMD is a contagious virus that occurs in children, in which children get sores in the mouth and blisters also start on the hands and feet. The daughter of Charu Asopa and Rajiv Sen is battling this serious disease these days. Ever since Charu has informed about Gianna’s suffering from this serious disease in her video, fans are asking her to stay strong and are also hoping that her daughter will recover soon.

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