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VIDEO: Bharti Singh made her son Gola as Bal Gopal on Janmashtami, Harsh Limbachiyaa showered love on Lalla


Aug 19, 2022
VIDEO: Bharti Singh made her son Gola as Bal Gopal on Janmashtami, Harsh Limbachiyaa showered love on Lalla

Bharti Singh And Harsh Limbachiyaa is a well-known pair of the TV industry. The couple is enjoying their career success as well as their family life. His son Gola aka Lakshya has a big hand in making Bharti and Harsh’s life happy. Both are often seen pampering their son. In such a situation, on the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami, when Bharti prepared her son in Kanha’s getup, along with Harsh Limbachiya, many celebs and fans also fell in love with her Lalla.

Bharti Singh has already shared pictures on social media by preparing her son Gola in different ways. While celebrating Krishna Janmashtami, the comedian dressed his little son in a yellow dress, dressed as Kanha with a peacock feather on his forehead, and Papa Harsh Limbachiyaa could not stop himself seeing the son’s cuteness. In the video, you can see how happy Harsh is looking.

Bharti Singh said thank you to the above

Bharti Singh shared this video of Harsh Limbachiyaa pampering her son on Instagram and wrote only one line in the caption, which clearly shows how satisfied Bharti is with her life. Bharti wrote ‘God thank you for everything’.

Fans shower love on cute gola

Seeing the cuteness of Bharti Singh’s son, fans and celebs are seen lavishing love. Singer Neeti Mohan wrote ‘Laddoo Bachcha Hai Yeh, Little Kanha is so cute’, many fans are giving a lot of blessings by writing ‘Cute Gola’. One wrote ‘How lovely it looks’ and the other wrote ‘Golla… wants to take Harsh’s glasses, these two are the best’.

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Let us tell you that on 3 December 2017, Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachiyaa got married. Bharti gave birth to a son on 3 April 2022. In her vlog, Bharti had shown the story of the birth of a young son. Bharti, who affectionately called her son Gola, had revealed the name a long time after the birth. Bharti’s son is Golu-Molu and very cute.

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