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VIDEO: Akshara Singh, who came against Bhojpuri’s obscenity as ‘Chausath Joginia Mai’, was seen in a fierce form with a trident


Oct 1, 2022
VIDEO: Akshara Singh, who came against Bhojpuri's obscenity as 'Chausath Joginia Mai', was seen in a fierce form with a trident

#teaser | #Akshara_Singh | Sixty four joginiya mai | #Akshara_Singh | Chausth Joginiya Maai | Bhakti Song: Adishakti On the occasion of the worship of the fifth form of Maa Durga, Skandmata, Bhojpuri’s popular singer – actress Akshara Singh’s goddess song ‘Chausath Joginiya Mai’ has been released with a melodious teaser, in which Akshara Singh looks like a Chamunda Devi in ​​front of the idol of Maa Durga. Looking like. In the video, she was sometimes seen in a dance posture with the weapon of the mother, she is seen in the form of vermilion applying vermilion on her forehead. The teaser of this song of Akshara has been released from her official channel itself. Now soon this song will also be released.

‘Chausath Joginia Mai’ shot on a big scale

But before that let us tell you that ‘Chausath Joginia Mai’ is the biggest film of Bhojpuri industry. budget It’s a song, which has taken a lot of time in the making. About 80 back dancers have also performed in this song along with Akshara Singh. Usually the making of Bhojpuri songs does not take so much time and budget. But Akshara believes in perfection and therefore, full care has been taken that there should not be any shortage in the grandeur of this song.

The actress said, I am trying to take Bhojpuri up

The actress released the teaser and wrote, ‘It is always my endeavor to take my mother Bhojpuri to the top… To inform Bhojpuri to different speakers of India, let my soil die for Bihar, UP… Show the hallmarks of my dimension. The game of serving all kinds of obscenities in Bhojpuri, the conspiracy to spread filth, which is spreading misconceptions in Bhojpuri society by the so-called virtuous, in the same fight against the same, a girl Akshara Singh’s Devi Geet has a unique composition, composition, is presented to you. If you like it then blessings are expected ♥️ Jai Mata Di.

Along with Akshara’s swag, her dedication towards her work is also seen in the teaser of Devi song ‘Chausath Joginiya Mai’. Perhaps this is the reason that today there is no other in the industry equal to Akshara. It is being told that after the teaser, it is now the turn of the release of this song, which can be released in the coming couple of days. Before that the teaser of this song of Akshara is going viral. Let us tell you that Akshara herself has given voice in the song ‘Chausath Joginia Mai’ and is seen swinging a lot in the music video too. But the lyricist of this song is Manoj Matali, the composer is Shishir Pandey. The film is directed by Vipin Singh and choreography by Sahil J Ansari.

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