VIDEO: Akanksha Dubey was seen dancing with Samar Singh in the paddy field! Said- ‘Na kare jaib Ropaniya’

Ropani Special – Na Kare Jaib Ropaniya – Samar Singh, Shilpi Raj – Bhojpuri Ropani Geet New 2022Most of the stars of Bhojpuri Music World are busy in Kanwar Song these days, Samar Singh has also released some of his Bolbam songs but his new song is different from the rest of the singers. Recently a new song of Desi Star has been released which is neither related to Shiv Bhakti nor to Kawad Yatra… Samar Singh’s new new music video shows the rural environment with the lyrics ‘Na Kare Jaib Ropaniya….’ (Na Kare Jaib Ropaniya) This is on a cute tip-off between husband and wife.

Samar Singh plays a farmer in the video of ‘Na Kare Jaib Ropaniya’ and is seen wearing a lungi. In this song, the actor is seen with Akanksha Dubey and there is a lot of cute chemistry between the two in the video. In the song filmed near the paddy field, the actress’s slim waist dance and naughty facial action are made on sight. If you understand Bhojpuri then you will enjoy watching this song. This song is sung by Samar Singh along with Shilpi Raj and filmed on Akanksha Dubey. The lyrics of the song have been written by Golu Yadav and Abhay Baba is its music director. It is choreographed by Sunny Dablu and directed by Ashish Satyarthi.

If we talk about Samar Singh’s Bolbum Song, then his ‘Devghar Chali Leke Apachi’ (Devghar Chali Leke Apachi) has been released from the official YouTube channel of Samar Singh Film Entertainment. In the song, his actress Shivani Singh is telling the actor that if you take us to Deoghar, then Samar Singh says that there is no vacant seat in Bolero, then from there the idea gives that Deoghar is not far away, you should take Deoghar from your apachi. In the video of Kanwar Geet Devghar Chali Leke Apachi, Samar Singh and actress Kanwaria are seen dressed in saffron robes and the group of Kanwariyas are seen as chorus dancers. His rap songs ‘Kala Kala Chashma’ and ‘Kamariya Automatic Left Right’ are also being well-liked.

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