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Twinkle Khanna’s funny disclosure on Ranbir Singh’s nude photoshoot, also mentioned the incident related to mother-in-law


Aug 7, 2022
Twinkle Khanna's funny disclosure on Ranbir Singh's nude photoshoot, also mentioned the incident related to mother-in-law

Ever since Ranveer Singh has done a nude photoshoot for a magazine, he remains in the headlines every day. An FIR has also been registered against the actor regarding these photos. Many celebs have reacted to this nude photoshoot of Ranveer Singh. Now the name of Twinkle Khanna has also been included in this list. Yes, Akshay Kumar’s wife and actress Twinkle Khanna has given a funny reaction to the nude photos of Ranveer Singh and told how she was looking at these pictures of the actor and during this time her son Aarav came.

In a Times of India column, Twinkle Khanna wrote that while she was enlarging pictures of Ranveer Singh on her screen, her son Aarav grabbed her. In such a situation, the actress explained to her son that she was looking at these pictures for ‘research’. Seeing these pictures, Twinkle also praised Ranveer’s courage.

Twinkle wrote- ‘I was looking at Ranveer’s photos on my screen. Then my son came. I told him it was for research. Where people stare at the naked body of women, they avoid seeing the body of men. Along with this, the actress also recalled an old incident, which was related to her mother-in-law i.e. Akshay Kumar’s mother.

Twinkle told that her mother-in-law i.e. Akshay Kumar’s mother may have become uncomfortable seeing the man nude. Twinkle says- ‘It was a few years ago. Pammi Bua, who still doesn’t mind audio or video calls, opened her bathroom door. In the bathroom, her husband of 72 years was opening his towel. She told her husband- Mohanji, take the phone. Didi has called from Mumbai to wish you a happy birthday.

Twinkle further wrote- ‘My mother-in-law immediately cut the call on this. Because, Mohanji had seen them without any clothes. Along with this, Twinkle also agreed with Vidya Balan, in which she took her side on Ranveer Singh’s photoshoot and said that she has no objection to such photoshoots of male actors. Let us tell you, Akshay Kumar’s mother Aruna Bhatia passed away last year.

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