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Trending: ‘Bijli’, ‘Thumkeshwari’, ‘Jeda Nasha’…item numbers again in trend, Samantha’s performances became turning point


Nov 28, 2022
Trending: 'Bijli', 'Thumkeshwari', 'Jeda Nasha'...item numbers again in trend, Samantha's performances became turning point


The craze of item numbers is again visible in Bollywood.
The song ‘O Anta…’ from the film ‘Pushpa’ became a big reason.

Mumbai. Different trends are seen in Bollywood with time. If we talk about Bollywood songs, the craze for item numbers in films had reduced in the past. Filmmakers had stopped including unnecessary songs in the film. But now it seems that once again the trend of item number is being included. ‘Thumkeshwari’, ‘Jeda Nasha’, ‘Manike’, ‘Bijli’ are some of the songs which are trending these days.

There was a time when item numbers were a must in films. Item dance was kept in every film. The main reason behind this was that if the song was a hit, the film would automatically get benefited and the audience would get attracted towards the film. In a sense, it had become a good means of publicity for the film.

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From Malaika to Priyanka to Kareena
There was a time in Bollywood when even A-list actresses started agreeing to item numbers. Malaika Arora was first in this list. After this Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Chitrangada, Katrina Kaif, Shilpa Shetty all made the audience crazy with their performances. After this there was a break and item numbers started appearing less in films.

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Samantha’s moves made her crazy
Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s ‘O Anta…’ can be called a turning point in the return of item numbers once again. People liked Samantha’s killer style in this song of the film ‘Pushpa’ so much that this song is still in the chartbuster. Apart from this, people also liked Rashmika Mandanna’s performance in the song ‘Saami’.

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Kriti, Nora and Kiara
Talking about new Bollywood actresses, Kriti Sanon, Kiara Advani, Nora Fatehi etc. are in trend these days. The songs picturized on them are getting good response from the audience. These include Kriti’s ‘Thumkeshwari’, Nora’s ‘Jeda Nasha’ and ‘Manike’, Kiara’s ‘Bijli’.

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