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This hero of ‘KGF 2’ has been suffering from throat cancer for 3 years, had a beard to hide the swelling


Aug 27, 2022
This hero of 'KGF 2' has been suffering from throat cancer for 3 years, had a beard to hide the swelling

Rocking Star Yash’s blockbuster film ‘KGF: Chapter 2’ (KGF: Chapter 2) has made a record-breaking collection at the box office in every language. The film has done a business of more than 1200 crores. The Kannada hero played the lead role in the film directed by Prashanth Neel, while actor Harish Rai appeared in the role of Kasim, who accompanies Rocky in his mission. Recently, he has made shocking revelations about his health and said that things are getting worse with his health.

KGF kept a beard to hide the swelling

In an interview, Harish told that he is battling with advanced throat cancer. The Kannada actor further said that he was also battling the disease during the shooting of KGF 2 earlier this year. According to a Hindustan Times report, during a conversation with YouTuber Gopi Goudru, Harish Rai said, ‘Some situations can give greatness or take things away from you. No luck to escape. I am suffering from cancer for three years. One of the reasons I have a long beard while acting in KGF is to cover up the swelling in my neck, which has been caused due to cancer.

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Harish in the fourth stage of cancer

The ‘KGF: Chapter 2’ star further said that he had delayed his surgery as he did not have enough funds to get his cancer treatment initially. I waited till the release of the films. But now my health is getting worse and when I am in the fourth stage, things are getting worse.

3 lakh bill comes every month for cancer treatment

Harish Rai had also recorded a video in which help was sought from fans and well-wishers of the industry. The actor said that he has exhausted all his financial resources during his cancer treatment. It has been told that the price of his monthly bill is Rs 3 lakh. Let us tell you that Harish is one of the famous actors of Kannada cinema and has worked in films like ‘Bangalore Underworld’, ‘Dhan Dhana Dhan’ and ‘Nanna Kanasina Whoo’.

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