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Take it! Aa Gaya Gunjan Singh-Shilpi Raj’s new Bhojpuri song, actress Komal Singh said, ‘Kundi Laga Do Saiya’


Aug 25, 2022
Take it! Aa Gaya Gunjan Singh-Shilpi Raj's new Bhojpuri song, actress Komal Singh said, 'Kundi Laga Do Saiya'

#Gunjan Singh Viral Song | Kundi Laga Do Sayiya |#Shilpi Raj | Kundi Lagado Saiya| New Bhojpuri Song| Gunjan Singh is a well-known name in Magahi and Bhojpuri singing. Many songs of Gunjan Singh have become bumper hits, but due to obscenity in some songs, they were also trolled. Today his new Bhojpuri song ‘Kundi Lagado Saiya’ has been released, which he has sung with Shilpi Raj. This song has been uploaded by Wave Music on its YouTube channel.

The song has got only 40 thousand views in 5 hours. In this song, social media star Komal Singh is seen opposite Gunjan Singh. It is there Komal Singh, who first uploads dance videos on Bhojpuri songs on Tiktok and then on Reels. His fan following on social media is also very strong. Now talking about this new song ‘Kundi Lagado Saiya’ by Gunjan Singh, its lyrics are also indecent like some of his other songs.

The song has been liked by more than 28 hundred people, while a large number of comments have also come. Some have praised the singing of Gunjan Singh, while many people have taken a dig at the double meaning style. A user named Jai Bakshi has raised questions on the lyrics of the song itself and the singer has given the answer as abusive. At the same time, a user named Prince Kumar has written that now the video of Magahiya Jawan is awaited on this song.

This song is written by Yadav Raj, while music is given by Abhiram Pandey. However, people are not liking this video made under the direction of Aryan Dev, which is probably the reason why the views are also very less. Let us tell you that Gunjan Singh has been accused of singing obscene songs in the past. He has also often been the target of YouTuber and social media influencer Magahiya Jawan, who is campaigning against obscene songs prevalent in Bhojpuri.

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