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Sunil Shetty is giving opportunities to regional artists, presented an example in this project


Sep 27, 2022
Sunil Shetty is giving opportunities to regional artists, presented an example in this project

Actor Suniel Shetty is constantly active in acting as well as in other fields. Suniel Shetty is also encouraging regional artistes. Not only this, Sunil Shetty has made regional artists work in his project. Sunil, who reached Indore in the past, talked about taking forward the regional talent here. Also worked with regional artists.

Arrived in Indore on commercial shoot
Suniel Shetty is also seen a lot in commercial ads. Sunil continues to shoot for this. Recently, Sunil Shetty had reached Indore city of Madhya Pradesh for a commercial shoot. Here Suniel Shetty shot a commercial. Along with this, regional artists here were also given a chance to work in their projects. In fact, Sunil Shetty has given a message to promote regional talent. Sunil wants to give a chance to regional artists to grow.

What did Sunil Shetty say after the project?
Actor Suniel Shetty said in an interview to media house ETimes that we have no shortage of talent. Young people in small towns have good talent. But people do not have the platform. It is a good thing to pursue such people. Sunil told that we have done 90 percent casting for the project from here. Also the children here have also done a wonderful job.

Will give chance to local talent in future projects too
Suniel Shetty said during his interview that regional artists should get a chance. There are many talented artists who need a platform. In such a situation, wherever we shoot, we cast local talent from there. Suniel Shetty told that he has to go to Uttarakhand to shoot a show. During the shoot of this project, local artists of Uttarakhand will be given a chance. A large part of the casting in the project will be done with regional actors. This will give platform to the talent.

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