Special article on Ghar Wapsi web series: Parai ‘Vaapasi’

Varsha Choudhary

Recently watched the stream web series on Disney Plus Hotstar- ‘Ghar Wapsi’. Liked it Then there was poha-jalebi in the series, so I have to see what is made in my own Indore. In the web series, Indore will be the number one song, salty in the food plate, fast running roads, fifty-six shops and the biggest thing is Indori spoken. Brought a smile on his face but there was some incompleteness. There was a strange feeling in my heart. It is as if the one who is in front is not his own, but why so? The city where she grew up, learned to drive in the streets, why does she look like a stranger today?

Coming back to the web series ‘Ghar Wapsi’, in which Dwidi’s elder son Shekhar of Indore returns home. Who used to work in Bangalore. A few months ago, I also saw a web series on Sony Liv named ‘Nirmal Pathak Ki Ghar Wapsi’, in which Nirmal returned home. The stories and background of both the web series are completely different. One is from Madhya Pradesh and the other is from Bihar, but in both the series, only the sons of the house came back.

Then thought maybe this is the feeling that was coming up in my mind again and again. The return will be of the one who is not waiting to return or the one who has a place to return, is home. We girls have been divided between maternal and in-laws in the matter of the house from the beginning. We had learned all this in our childhood games and how to adapt ourselves according to the environment. The aunts and old mothers of the neighborhood did the right thing by saying alien money. It used to be that we are the Vikram of Vikram-Betal, on whose shoulders the battle of being Paraya is always on the rise. Try a million, but it stuck in such a way that it did not land. Neither from the thinking of the people nor from the behavior of the family members.

That’s why we girls got settled in where we stayed. Perhaps this is the reason why the girl from the foreign house never felt any city alien. We made our own identity, made the place where we stayed, and the word ‘vacation’ became alien.

It is said that it is always pleasant to return. Leave for work in the morning and come back home. Traveling far away and coming back home. Going back to the old times through memories and re-live those moments. If you remember any such film or web series in which the girl has done ‘Ghar Wapsi’, then definitely tell. I want to see. But there should be no talk of staying for a few days or coming home for marriage. She must have returned in the same way as Shekhar and Nirmal did. The house, agency, family should have returned considering their full rights over the heritage, where they have returned, never to return.

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