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South’s ‘Manasanamaha’ in Guinness World Records qualifies for Oscar race, yet director in tension?


Sep 2, 2022
South's 'Manasanamaha' in Guinness World Records qualifies for Oscar race, yet director in tension?

Director Deepak Reddy’s short film ‘Manasanamaha’ has also qualified for the Oscars after receiving several awards at various international film festivals. Even before this, the makers keep the tag of winning the highest number with themselves. He leaves no stone unturned to take national and international awards to the world level. But, unfortunately the talented filmmaker could not attend any of the screenings abroad due to visa issues.

Deepak Reddy is in tension due to Visa

It is being told that due to the lack of availability of visa slots, filmmaker Deepak Reddy is in tension about not attending the Oscar screening in America. They are requesting online help from officials and experts for visa to go to the event. One of his tweets has gone viral in which he has sought help from officers for visa.

The film has received more than 900 awards

For information, let us tell you that Pride Indian Shortfilm, which has won more than 900 national and international awards, deserves all respect and support. The film has already created history by getting a lot of awards. In a conversation recently, Deepak Reddy revealed that he has been working for six months to convert his short film ‘Manasanamaha’ into a feature film. He also spoke about his feature film debut, which will be announced in the coming few weeks.

Friend helped Reddy to show it to the world

When asked about the concept of Manasanamaha, Deepak Reddy says, “Most of my previous films were horror, thriller or comedy. I don’t make films to impress festival directors. The basic idea of ​​my films is commercial. I never thought that I would present Manasanamaha in film festivals. After making this I sent it to some friends. He said that the film was very good and asked me why I did not send it for festivals. because I have to participate budget was not. My budget was already exhausted by making the film.

Mansanmaha’s name is recorded in the Guinness Book of the World Records

Reddy said that a friend of mine came forward and said that he would sponsor Manasanamaha. It was then screened in about 185 film festivals around the world. In fact, the film has underperformed in India. Let us tell you that the short film that won many awards has also registered its name in the Guinness Book of World Records. This is the first Telugu film to enter this record.

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