Sonu Sood took a jibe at Big Bollywood parties, said- ‘This is a different group’

Sonu Sood (Sonu Sood) is back in Mumbai, just to meet the people who have come to wish him on his birthday. They are busy with their work. The actor has said that people tell him that he has come to the city by selling his mobile phones, coolers and cycles. He says, ‘All this makes this birthday a very special day for me. I have never met these people in my whole life.

According to the media report, Sonu says, ‘I saved many families, they only come to thank me. This keeps a smile on your face and makes you think that you must have done something right in your life. I am glad that God is guiding us, there are miles to go, the journey is still on.

Sonu Sood has turned 49 today on July 30. He says that he prefers to be around his close ones instead of partying for the people of the industry. He says, ‘I don’t do that kind of parties. I am not fond of parties. I feel a little lost with so many people around me.

Many people ask Sonu to throw a birthday party, but he is ashamed. He says, ‘It’s a different feeling. There are two phases of life- one where you are a kid and are really excited about the birthday, with lots of people around you paying attention. Now I feel stressed, because there are so many people who want to meet me and there is so much to do.

Sonu Sood took a jibe at Bollywood parties
Sonu Sood does not miss out on taunting big Bollywood parties. He was last seen in the film ‘Samrat Prithviraj’. The actor says, ‘It is always good there, there are many people around. I don’t know how many of them are thrilled about the party. Some are really involved, some just want to show themselves, it’s sad.

Sonu Sood is not fond of Bollywood parties
Sonu continues his talk, saying, ‘This special day is about your family and loved ones around you, whom you can connect with. These big fat parties are a different place and I want to say with all due respect that they enjoy it, they should. Maybe, it’s not all for me.’

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