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Sonam Kapoor wanted to become a mother already 1 year ago, because of this had to wait


Sep 10, 2022
Sonam Kapoor wanted to become a mother already 1 year ago, because of this had to wait

Actress Sonam Kapoor became a mother on August 20. She gave birth to a son. But Sonam wanted to become a mother in the year 2020 itself. He had done all the preparations for it. But due to possible problems in the hospital due to Corona epidemic, he had to postpone his plan. This was revealed by Sonam Kapoor recently interviewed in Vogue India.

During the interview, Sonam Kapoor told that we had planned a child in the year 2020. But due to the corona epidemic, the condition of the hospitals was not completely clear. Due to this the planning was carried forward. Sonam Kapoor became pregnant in December last year. Sonam shared this news with her fans through social media.

Child plan done in the year 2020

Sonam told that after marriage in the year 2018, my husband Anand Ahuja and I had decided that we would wait for 2 years. After this the child will plan. But before that the corona epidemic came in the year 2019. During this, many of our friends and acquaintances also struggled through very bad times. Also, the condition of the hospitals was also full of confusion. Due to this the decision was postponed.

forced to wait
Sonam told that there are different traditions of childbirth in our families. Our paternal and maternal family comes to hospitals. Also the inlogs are also present for maintenance. A lot of care is required during pregnancy. Have to go to the hospital too. In such a situation, during the corona epidemic, the planning of pregnancy had to be carried forward. In view of all these difficulties, we decided to postpone this plan for the time being.

Planning after the green signal of doctors
Sonam Kapoor told that after this we waited a lot. Along with this, constantly made contact with doctors both in India and London. Also get the test done. When the test results came right and the doctors also told the situation in the hospitals as normal. After that we discussed about it. Sonam told that on my birthday in the month of June last, I told Anand that now there is a long wait. Children plan. Since then both of them tried the child. After this I got pregnant by the month of December.

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