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Social Talent: This girl won applause by dancing to the song ‘Kesariya’ from ‘Brahmastra’


Aug 8, 2022
Social Talent: This girl won applause by dancing to the song 'Kesariya' from 'Brahmastra'

Social Talent: The first song ‘Kesariya’ from Ranbir Kapoor and Alia’s most awaited film ‘Brahmastra’ is being liked by the people. The video of this song has been covered on social media so far. Not only this, many people are making reels on this song and making dance videos and uploading them on their social networking sites. In the same sequence, the video of another dance on this song is very much liked on the internet, which is Geeta Bagdwal.

In News18’s special segment ‘Social Talent’, today we are going to talk about Geeta Bagdwal, a video of which is currently doing the rounds on social media. Geeta is a dancer and dances amazingly. People recognize him on social media only by his dance. Geeta has recently danced on ‘Kesariya’, whose video is being liked by internet users. Geeta’s steps in the video are so cute that you will fall in love with her dance.

Geeta Bagdwal is one of those talented people who are busy making their mark on social media on the basis of their skills. Geeta Bagdwal gets a lot of support from users on social media. On one hand, where there are more than 75 thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel, she is currently followed by only 2700 people on Instagram, but the day is not far when Geeta’s hard work will pay off and her followers will also be in lakhs.

we own this ‘Social Talent’ Through this, we try to bring forward such talents, so that their spirits keep increasing, because if anyone comes between you and your skills, then it is your courage. If you lack courage, then you will not be able to take your talent to the place where it has its rightful place. Therefore, along with skills, it is imperative to have strong intentions and spirits inside you. In today’s time, there are many such talents, who are busy making their mark not only across the country but around the world through their talent.

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