Social Talent: The video of this girl who speaks brilliant Hindi in a foreign accent is in the headlines

Social Talent: Every day someone’s video goes viral on social media. It is a platform where people show their talent and make their own identity. Through this special segment ‘Social Talent’ of News18, we try to give you information about only those people who are busy making their mark on social media on the basis of their skills.

These days a video of a girl named Ahilya Bamroo is doing the rounds on the internet, in which she is seen speaking brilliant Hindi in not one or two, but many foreign accents. You might be surprised to see this video that how an Indian girl can speak Hindi sentences in such a wonderful way in the accent of different European countries.

This video of Ahilya Bamru is being liked a lot on social media, due to which she is constantly in the headlines. Users are praising Ahilya Bamru by continuously commenting on this video of her. She ends her video with a famous dialogue from superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’. She says in a British accent, “Such small things happen in big cities.”

This video of Ahilya Bamru has been viewed more than 4 lakh times on Instagram so far. After watching this video of her, you will also say that how talented she is. Apart from this, Ahilya Bamru is also known for her reels on social media. His reels are well-liked on Instagram. Let me tell you, in today’s time you cannot suppress your skills, because today you have social media, with the help of which you can make your career in that field only in which you will be most interested and many such people like Ahilya Bamru who are social media But he is constantly trying to make his mark on the basis of his skills.

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