Snake bites Salman Khan 3 times Hospitalize.

Salman Khan, who celebrates his birthday today, December 27, told ANI, “A snake had entered my farmhouse. I took it outside using a stick. Gradually it reached my hand. I then grabbed it to release, which is when it bit me thrice. It was a kind of poisonous snake. I was hospitalized for 6 hours. I am fine now.”

Salman khan birthday
Snake bites Salman Khan

Later, while talking to the media outside his Panvel farmhouse, Salman Khan was heard saying, “He is a snake so he is supposed to bite. He bit me once after which there was chaos here. The snake then bit me again. A lot of commotion was created after that, everyone was screaming hospital, hospital. During this, the snake bit me for the third time. I then released the snake and went to the hospital. I got to know there that the snake was of a different kind. When we returned to the farmhouse, the snake was still there so we left it someplace else.”

Salman Khan was at his farmhouse when this incident took place. A source close to the actor revealed that Salman had plans to celebrate his special day. That’s why Salman also invited some friends and family to the farmhouse.

Salman Khan’s farmhouse sits on a forest terrain. There is immense foliage, flora, and fauna with various birds and animals. A source revealed that sitting and chatting with friends when the incident happened.

Truly Salman is as brave as he looks on screen.

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