Singer Arjun Kanungo dated this model for 7 years, will now marry on August 10

Arjun Kanungo (Arjun Kanungo) is going to marry his fiancée Carla Dennis. Both will marry according to Hindu customs. Carla will pair her future mother-in-law’s jewelery with her bridal outfit. Arjun says, ‘Carla understands Indian weddings and has made all the preparations. Along with finalizing the venue, he has also hired a wedding planner.

He further explains, ‘He himself has also selected my clothes for the wedding. Even though her family is not from India, she is also enthusiastic about our traditions and is working enthusiastically about her Indian dress and preparations related to it.

Arjun and Karla will marry according to 2 customs
Arjun and Karla also plan to do white vending next year. Talking on this, Arjun said, ‘We will organize it in the UK in April 2023. This is for Carla and her close ones. Arjun is about to marry Karla according to two customs, but as far as Arjun is concerned, he did not believe in the idea of ​​marriage at first.

Arjun Kanungo expressed his heart condition
He says, ‘I never thought that I would ever get married. Carla changed my life. That is why we are in a successful relationship and getting married. He never pressurized me for marriage. Although I knew she wanted to get married, she gave up because she knew my thoughts. As long as we were together and happy, she was fine even without marriage. Seeing that Carla was ready to adjust, I thought if she was willing to come along for me, why should I be so stubborn?’

Arjun Kanungo and Carla Dennis will take seven rounds on August 10
The two will leave for their honeymoon in August, just after the wedding. In such a situation, both are emotionally attached to the destination Arjun and Karla have finalized for their honeymoon. Arjun says, ‘We are planning to go to Japan. It has a special place in our hearts. Please tell that Arjun and Karla are in a relationship with each other for the last 7 years and now both have finally decided to get married. Their wedding will last for three days in Mumbai in the presence of family and friends. This includes Mehndi Ceremony on 9th August, Wedding Ceremony on 10th August and Reception on 11th August.

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