Shweta Tiwari’s ex-husband Raja Chaudhary assaulted Bigg Boss fame Shraddha Sharma, the actress gave a statement

Shweta Tiwari had leveled allegations against her first and ex-husband Raja Chaudhary years ago. Some similar allegations have been made by ‘Bigg Boss 5’ fame actress Shraddha Sharma. Both came close from this show and in the same year Raja also divorced his wife Shweta Tiwari. Raja Chaudhary’s love life with Shraddha Sharma was in the news a lot. Now Shraddha has broken her silence on her breakup with Raja. He told that after all, due to which the two got separated.

After seeing the love of Raja Chaudhary and Shraddha Sharma, people thought that their relationship would last long, but it did not happen. Now Shraddha talks about the reason behind her breakup with Raja.

Shraddha mentioned this in an interview of Times of India. She said that Raja is very good at heart, but he had a problem of drinking alcohol, which I could not bear. He used to get very violent when he used to drink a lot and drunk and I cannot bear all this because I want to live a peaceful life.

The actress said that Raja tried to give up alcohol, he also went to the rehab center, but the addiction of alcohol was such that he could not leave it.

He said that the reason for the breakup of Raja Chaudhary is not only this. Shraddha accused the king of cheating. Shraddha said, the king cheated me. A UTV show caught him. Shraddha told that I also met that girl and she also accused the king. She said that the king had kissed her earlier.

Shraddha Sharma said that the king cheated me. I am not one to remain silent and sit in such a situation. When I confronted him, the king himself said that all this happened under the influence of alcohol.

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