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Shah Rukh Khan Birthday: Pictures of Shahrukh Khan in the bathroom, would not have seen such a fan of SRK


Nov 1, 2022
Shah Rukh Khan Birthday: Pictures of Shahrukh Khan in the bathroom, would not have seen such a fan of SRK

Report : Anjali Singh Rajput

Lucknow: Shahrukh Khan, the King of Bollywood, has fans all over the world, but the passion of Vishal Singh of Lucknow is such that even Shah Rukh Khan himself was surprised to see. Shahrukh Khan celebrates his birthday on 2nd November, on this occasion we are introducing you to this Jabra fan of Shahrukh.

People also call Vishal Singh as Shahrukh Khan of Lucknow. His other name is Visharukh, by which he is recognized. The special thing is that Vishal Singh has made his entire house the kingdom of King Khan. This is a kind of museum, in which wherever you turn your eyes, only Shahrukh will be seen there.

Shahrukh’s photo from the wall of the house to the bathroom
From the walls of Vishal Singh’s house to the ceiling, bathroom, AC, doors, tables and bedroom pillows to the temple, there are so many photos of Shahrukh Khan that it is difficult to count. If anyone is a real Jabra fan of Shahrukh Khan, it is Vishal Singh across the country. Shahrukh Khan’s 57th birthday is on 2nd November. This time Vishal Singh and his wife Ruchi Singh will celebrate the superstar’s birthday with the children of the slum and the acid attack survivor.

got wife because of shahrukh khan
Vishal Singh, who lives in Aliganj, Lucknow, says that his wife Ruchi Singh is also a big fan of Shahrukh Khan. When she fell in love with him, at first Ruchi Singh had refused, but when he proposed in the style of Shahrukh Khan, Ruchi agreed and thus both of them got married. He has also been honored with the title of King and Queen many times.

‘Mannat’ arrived on honeymoon
Ruchi Singh told that after marriage he went to Mumbai for the first time in 1996 on honeymoon. Then Shahrukh Khan returned after shooting for Yes Boss. It was here that Vishal Singh and Ruchi Singh had their first meeting with Shahrukh Khan as a fan. Shahrukh Khan also had a very long conversation by giving him an autograph. From here family relations were formed. Since then, he has met Shahrukh Khan many times till now. Many photos, videos and autographs are with Vishal Singh and Ruchi Singh. Gauri Khan’s maternal uncle had gifted Shahrukh Khan even a jacket and t-shirt.

Son is Aryan, daughter is Simran
Vishal and Ruchi have named their son Aryan and daughter Simran. Aryan’s name is also of Shahrukh Khan’s son and Simran was Kajol’s in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. He liked both the names very much, so he kept the names of the children the same.

Shahrukh Khan’s photo on the car too
The car of Vishal and Ruchi also has posters and photos of whatever new film of Shahrukh Khan comes out. His car is famous in Lucknow. Vishal and Ruchi have prepared a huge album of all kinds of photos and news related to Shahrukh Khan from childhood till now, which they have also sent for Guinness World Records.

making biography of shahrukh
Vishal Singh is making a biography based on the life of Shahrukh Khan, for which he has also met Shahrukh Khan. He told that apart from all this, he also has a business of homeopathic medicine, which covers his family’s expenses.

making birthday cards since childhood
Vishal and Ruchi’s son Aryan Singh told that he too grew up watching Shahrukh Khan. He himself is also a big fan of Shahrukh Khan. Since childhood, they have been making birthday cards for them. Apart from this, he is also fond of modeling and acting and has also shown Shahrukh Khan by doing his acting.

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