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Seeing Neha Kakkar’s dance video, people were shocked, heard fiercely, see funny comments


Dec 6, 2022
Seeing Neha Kakkar's dance video, people were shocked, heard fiercely, see funny comments

Mumbai. Singer Neha Kakkar has an old association with trollers. Neha’s songs have to face sharp criticism many times on social media. Recently Neha Kakkar has released her new video song Cutie Cutie. As soon as the release of this song, Neha has once again come under the trolls’ target.

As soon as the song was released on social media, people got angry and started telling lies to Neha. Not only this, many people have also made body shaming comments to Neha. Regarding Neha’s short height and also commented on obesity.

Sharp criticism received in the comments of the song
Neha Kakkar has posted the video of her new song QT QT on Instagram. In the comments of this song, users have trolled Neha’s dance moves fiercely. One user wrote, ‘What a nonsense song.’ While criticizing Neha’s dance moves, another user wrote, ‘All dancers are for low height’.

One user wrote that ‘You are getting younger every day’. At the same time, many people have praised Neha’s new song. While praising the song, Neha’s husband Rohanpreet Singh has called her a beauty queen. At the same time, Neha’s brother Tony Kakkar has also praised Neha while commenting on the song.

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