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Sapna Choudhary’s most romantic style in Laad Piya Ke Song, you saw this music video


Sep 11, 2022
Sapna Choudhary's most romantic style in Laad Piya Ke Song, you saw this music video

Sapna Choudhary Dance Video: Sapna Choudhary Her dance performance wins the hearts of the fans. He started his career with stage performance. Gaining popularity from stage shows, he also worked in many music videos. His music videos have also received love like stage shows. An old music video of him is being seen a lot on YouTube. In this, a completely different avatar of Sapna Chaudhary was seen. You must have never seen this style of dream.

Although this music video of Sapna Chaudhary has been released again on BTS Music. It stars Pradeep Bura along with Sapna. Romantic chemistry can be seen between the two. Sapna is already looking young in this. She is seen in this in different color suits-salwars. Sapna’s style is surprising for the fans.

Singer Raju Punjabi and Sushila Thakar have lent their voices to this music video of Sapna Choudhary and Pradeep Bura, which fits perfectly on Sapna and Pradeep. At the same time, the lyrics of the song have been written by Binder Danoda. Its music video has been directed by Rajeev Singh and Pawan Gill. This video uploaded on 26 August has got more than 9 lakh views so far.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 11, 2022, 07:00 IST

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