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Sapna Choudhary Song: Sapna Choudhary showed simplicity in ‘English Medium’ song, got crores of views


Aug 25, 2022
Sapna Choudhary Song: Sapna Choudhary showed simplicity in 'English Medium' song, got crores of views

Sapna Choudhary Song: Sapna Choudhary Its popularity is no less than any Bollywood celebs. His music videos and songs are well-liked. Along with his new songs, old songs are also heard and seen a lot. In these songs, Sapna wins hearts of fans with her simplicity and cool style. That’s why his old songs are also very much liked among the audience. One such song of his is ‘English Medium’. By the way, this song is quite old but is very popular among the audience.

Haryanvi Song ‘English Medium’ is very much liked especially among the youngsters. The song depicts the romantic tussle between a college going boy and a girl. In this, Sapna is a college girl, who is studying in English medium school, while Vicky Kajla plays the character of a government school boy who wants to talk to Sapna.

Sapni simplicity robbed the hearts of fans

The simplicity of Sapna Choudhary can be clearly seen in the song ‘English Medium’. She is looking very beautiful. This song is very old, so Sapna is looking very young in it. Sapna is looking very beautiful in different colored suit salwar. At the same time, Vicky Kajla is also looking handsome in different looks.

‘English Medium’ song gets more than 29 crore views

This song of Sapna Chaudhary is sung by Masoom Sharma and Ek Jatti. Its leg-shaking music has been given by Buta Singh. At the same time, its lyrics have been written by Buta Singh, which is pleasing to the heart. The song has been directed by Vijay Varma. The song was launched on Sonotek’s YouTube channel in December 2016, which has got more than 29 crore views so far.

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