Sambhavna Seth: Sambhavna Seth, who has failed in IVF 4 times, is battling this serious disease, cried pain

Sambhavna Seth, a well-known actress and dancer of Bhojpuri cinema, got IVF done many times and she failed in it again and again. She married Avinash Dwivedi (Sambhavna Seth Husband Avinash Diwedi) in 2016, but she could not become a mother yet. Even when she tried to resort to IVF, she failed four times. In such a situation, now he has told the fans about the health condition in his latest video. She has revealed that she was battling Rheumatoid Arthritis a few years back. Although she was cured later, but the actress is once again battling this disease. The actress claims that this has happened due to repeated failure of IVF. This is not the first time that Sambhavna has spoken about the problem of creating (Sambhavna Seth IVF Treatment) from IVF. Even before this, he had told about the side effects of IVF.

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