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Samar Singh Bhojpuri Song: Shiv Tandav Jaisa Hai Samar Singh’s song ‘Shiv Jogia Base Le Kashi Mein’, have you seen?


Jul 28, 2022
Samar Singh Bhojpuri Song: Shiv Tandav Jaisa Hai Samar Singh's song 'Shiv Jogia Base Le Kashi Mein', have you seen?

Samar Singh, a strong actor and singer of Bhojpuri cinema, is known for his acting, but his singing is no less. He is known for his special style of singing. The audience likes the Khati Bhojpuri style of the actor. Be it a music video or a film. In such a situation, on the occasion of Sawan, the actor has released a new Bhojpuri Song ‘Shiv Jogiya Base Le Kashi Mein’ dedicated to Mahadav, after watching which you will remember Shiv Tandav. Will go This is a very good song.

The video of Bhojpuri Bolbam song ‘Shiv Jogiya Base Le Kashi Mein’ was released from the YouTube channel of Saregama Hum Bhojpuri. In the beginning of the song, first you will hear Shiv Tandav. The song has also been composed on the same lines. In the video, actor Samar Singh is shown in the role of Jogia, in which he looks amazing as well as is absorbed in the devotion of Shiva. There is a devotional atmosphere in the song. Shiva devotees are in devotion of Mahadev all around. It also has actress Komal Singh along with Samar Singh, who is engrossed in worshiping Mahadev by wearing a chola. The video has been shot extensively. Singer Samar’s voice has given life to the song. People like to watch it again and again. The video has got about two lakh views and more than eight and a half thousand likes.

The song ‘Shiv Jogia Base Le Kashi Mein’ has been composed by Samar Singh with his best vocals and its heart-touching lyrics are penned by DK Deewana. The lyrics of the song are so simple and dear to the heart that they are knocking directly in the heart and make one get lost in the devotion of Shiva. Music is given by Shubham Raj (SBR), which is amazing. The video is directed and choreographed by Lucky Vishwakarma. The production head is Zubair Shah. At the same time, the assistant choreographer is Jackson Monu.

Let us tell you that there was news about Samar Singh Health recently that he is unwell. He had stones, due to which he had to be operated on in a private hospital in Varanasi. He was suffering from its pain for many days. Due to this, the doctors had to operate it, after which photos of the actor were also revealed from the hospital and the fans wished for his speedy recovery. Now he has returned home and is completely healthy. It is being told that Samar will soon return to work.

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