Rocketry The Nambi Effect: R Madhavan blesses Rajinikanth by touching his feet, video goes viral

Rocketry The Nambi Effect: R Madhavan is in the headlines these days for his recent release ‘Rocketry: The Nambi Effect Rocket’ and is enjoying the success. Not only has he acted in this movie but he is also its director. The audience is appreciating the film a lot and giving their positive reactions on Twitter about it. Meanwhile, a video of the actor has surfaced in which his polite behavior can be seen and for this also the fans are praising him.

Madhavan seeks blessings from Rajinikanth
Actually, recently R Madhavan has shared a video on his official Twitter. In this, he is seen taking blessings from South’s superstar Rajinikanth. In the video, as soon as the Annaatthe actor puts on a shawl to Madhavan, he bows his head respectfully and then touches his feet and seeks Rajinakanth’s blessings. Fans are happy to see the polite behavior of the two legends in one frame and are praising both of them a lot. In the video, former ISRO scientist Nambi Nairan is also seen sitting with whom ‘Rocketry: The Nambi Effect Rocket’ has been made.

Madhavan was happy to receive blessings from Rajinikanth
Sharing the video, R Madhavan thanked Rajinikanth for his words and affection and wrote, ‘When you are blessed by the one man of the industry, that is a moment marked for eternity.. Said by you on #Rocketry Thank you @rajinikanth sir for your kind words and your love… this inspiration has completely rejuvenated us. We love you.’ Let us tell you that the film Rocketry The Nambi Effect has also been appreciated by Rajinikanth.

Rocketry released in 6 languages
R Madhavan’s directorial debut ‘Rocketry: The Nambi Effect’ released in theaters on Friday, July 1. R Madhavan played the role of rocket scientist Nambi Narayanan in the film and depicted the ups and downs in his life on screen. The film has been released in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and English. Suriya made a cameo in the Tamil version of the film, while Shah Rukh Khan played the role of a journalist in its Hindi and English versions. In one scene, he is shown interviewing Nambi. His fans were happy with the entry of King Khan.

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