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Read in Bhojpuri – Khesari Lal Yadav: A wonderful confluence of songs and dances


Aug 31, 2022
Read in Bhojpuri - Khesari Lal Yadav: A wonderful confluence of songs and dances

When should we laugh, when should we cry? The disadvantage is that the feeling of pleasure in the group decreases and many conveniences remain but become alone. In this problem, it is a bad thing that some styles of Gawle-Nachle are left out of collectivism. Some of the artists are seen and heard by the people of Aisan Baden Jekra.

Ago time it is not possible that there is no problem in the urban society, but in the rural society, Nachal-Gawal is considered to be very harsh work. The old men and women of the house should not see the linen of the house first. Say that Laika gets spoiled. But now you all walk on the lines of Kehu Bazaar from Dekh ki Bhajan/Kirtan to Le Ke Birha Gave Walan. Everyone works after seeing the market price. Yeh bakht mein ego aisan generation il hiya life bazaar-bhav ke collection bazaar-gavli ka baa baa kar baad kar baad kar baad kar baad karte hai. Khesari Lal Yadav is the leader of this generation in Bhojpuri belt. Bhojpuri has become very artistic due to Aisan artwork. I saw that Aisan Kala lived in the era of Bhikhari Thakur. Khesari Likhle’s work is not so much but the rest of the work is very much appreciated.

From phaguwa, chaita to bayithaki le kuchau gawat baat okra mein okara mein du char goo nacha wali lai jaat bani ke mi jaat bani so. Now aisan bujhat ba’s film world must have some okra sanghe dance. It is time for a long time to dance Kehu in Birha, then people should split. The one who dances should be considered crazy. But when Balesar Yadav, who took him to the place of Birha, when he started dancing in his singing, it became a trend again. Now it does not seem right to say that the gimmicky style has entered in folk singing, but it is necessary that the original form has changed from Ekul Bhaile to Okra in folk singing.

Khesari Lal Yadav eh time ke ego nagina havan. With the folk singing and low-lying life style, he went on a ruthless heart. Seeing Khesari Lal’s Chaita Gaavat, you will understand that in this time, in Bhojpuri Javana Taraf Jaat Ba Oh Bayar, he would take his collection to the new place of Bhojpuri.

Chait se le phagun le, kavano aisan month na ha jawani ka geet na hokhe in bhojpuri. Ropni-sohni se le katiya biniya le ke song ba. People lived in the house of Lagela in the village of Dehri. So they have the nature of Gawal and Nachal Logan. It is so necessary that only people of Gavani obeyed but less liked people of lower caste. Today things have changed. People should consider it a part of the life of Nachal-Gawal.

There was a lot of Gawal and Nachal on Lehra, Chandelier, Fuguva, Chaita. Time aisan ba’s entertainment reaches Logan in many ways today. The art of Khesari Lal Yadav has been very useful in the present time. I understood that in this storm of technology, Fatinga Matin Ud Gayeel Bari Jaa. But because of Khesari Jaisan artist, today Bhojpuri’s glory is wavering. Performing havans with the style of Ujwan folk singing is not very easy. But it is their passion and hard work that this art is passed on to the new generation of them.

The old melody in the world is now slowly dying out, so in the nick of time, the film got pulled and hung/jerked, it’s a big thing. Today I saw that he was accused of bad quality of Bhojpuri Gavanai. It is right that the collection of time has changed by singing them. Many people started working with the people of Ujjan Lok, their stature would increase. It is so necessary that the art of his lower art today is very fine, but the edge of chariya and selectivity in singing has become less.

Khesari ajo a lot of land ka mandi havan. His fame did not diminish. By joining the market, you can do a lot of havan. But you told me that in his mind there is life respect for the song of Gawani, he did not get anywhere else. In this way, we say that many people are singing and dancing, but without Kehu it is understood that they are forced to sing the tunes of Chaita. The meaning of the film will not be seen, that you should not forget the woman of your language-dialect. You have made your identity through your hard work. In today’s world of art, many people started their life with milk. I didn’t hesitate to say that in the world from where I started walking, I moved to the ground, and I kept connecting with the ground, and my identity became very big.

It is true that now Mateen dances do not take place in the first places. The owner of the dance troupe would keep the Chargo Chokri, and go to the havan, and the one who shouts on the car, gets the dance of the banh done. Uhaan aap dekh ki banwati admi and banwati song. He should be connected to Khesari’s soil, he should be very eldest to him. Therefore, keep in mind the reason for the soil and water, and the way was found in front of them. Live ahead and come back. He might not be able to give a lot of money to him, but he could not forget the kehu kahu of his contribution. His progress and attachment to folk songs continue to remain so, keep praying so much.

(Manoj is passionate about Bhojpuri cinema, the views written in the article are his personal.)

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