Rakhi Sawant is ready to marry boyfriend Adil but is upset with her ex girlfriend, said – I am unlucky

Rakhi Sawant ie ‘Drama Queen’ cried in front of the paparazzi at the airport for refusing to meet her boyfriend Adil Khan, but later again expressed love by showering flowers on Adil. Rakhi, who has fallen madly in love with Adil after Ritesh’s departure, is now ready to see him (Rakhi Sawant ready for nikah with Adil Khan), but is very upset with her boyfriend’s ex. Rakhi, who is ready for marriage, however, also said in talks that she is very unlucky in the matter of love.

Rakhi Sawant is dating businessman Adil Khan Durrani these days. Rakhi recently expressed her desire to participate in Bigg Boss 16 with her lover and talked about marrying Adil on the show itself.

Will get married in Bigg Boss house!
Talking to Delhi Times, Rakhi Sawant said that if we (Adil-Rakhi) stay in Bigg Boss house, then only Bigg Boss will marry us. Will marry Sure… I say get me married to Adil in Bigg Boss house itself. Rakhi further said, ‘If we go, Adil will also say marry me in Bigg Boss, don’t you? I am ready’.

Troubled by Adil’s ex
However, in this conversation, Rakhi confessed that she is not lucky in the matter of love. Along with this, he also talked about Adil’s ex. The entertainment queen said, ‘Adil’s ex-girlfriend has spoiled our lives. Every day she calls Adil and threatens to kill herself or release a private video.

What did Adil’s ex say to Rakhi?
Rakhi further told that Adil’s ex also called her and said that Adil is only using me. He still loves her. Rakhi said that after hearing this, I was very upset. We are constantly debating this. I dont know what to do anymore. But I guess I am unlucky in love. However, Adil had told ETimes TV that everything is fine between Rakhi and me and our relationship is moving forward together.

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