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Radheshyam Rasiya’s Bhojpuri song ‘Raja Kareja Mein Samaja’ got crores of views, still people’s choice


Aug 25, 2022
Radheshyam Rasiya's Bhojpuri song 'Raja Kareja Mein Samaja' got crores of views, still people's choice

In Bhojpuri, where singers like Bharat Sharma Vyas, Vishnu Ojha, Madan Rai ruled the hearts of people with their evergreen songs, at the same time such singers also appeared. Who were accused of spreading obscenity in Bhojpuri, singing double meaning songs. Among them the names of Guddu Rangila and Radheshyam Rasiya are prominent. Today we are going to tell you about one such song of Radheshyam Rasiya, on which crores of views have come so far. The lyrics of that song are, ‘Raja Raja Kareja Mein Samaja.’

When this song of Radheshyam Rasiya was released, it was on everyone’s lips. Long after its release, this song was uploaded by T-Series Regional on its YouTube channel in the year 2011. Since then, more than 3 crore 26 lakh views have been received on this song. At the same time, more than 2 lakh 80 thousand people have liked it. The song is from a stage show of Radheshyam Rasiya.

Let us tell you that this song was written by Vinay Bihari, Shailesh Sagar and Parmeshwar Premi together, while the music was given by Sohan Lal and Dinesh Kumar. . Although the music of the song was very strong, due to which the people’s tongue was immediately engulfed. But there was a lot of ruckus about this song. There was a section which was buying CD cassettes in a hurry just to listen to this song, on the other hand there were many people who were calling the double meaning and obscene dialogues prevalent in this song as dangerous for Bhojpuri culture.

However, more than 14 thousand comments have come on the video of the song, in which people have given different reactions. In a comment made two months ago, a user named Amit Prakash has written that I made this song my callertune, now my relatives never call me. A user named Harsh Mistry has written that even after 11 years this song is a masterpiece. At the same time, a user named Aryan Raj Singh has written that I remember when this song started playing in a London pub, everyone present there started dancing. It was really interesting to see whites dancing to Bhojpuri songs.

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