Protests over the hijab get violent; Karnataka’s High Court and Chief Minister Bommai call for calm.

NEW DELHI: The controversy over the wearing of hijab in schools and colleges in Karnataka erupted again on Tuesday, with students in some parts of the state staging violent protests.

Protests over the hijab get violent; Karnataka's High Court and Chief Minister Bommai call for calm.

The problem began in January of this year at a government PU College in Udupi, where six girls were forced to leave because they were wearing headscarves to class.

The issue has already expanded to other sections of the state, prompting some young people to wear saffron scarves in protest.In the meantime, the Karnataka high court, which is considering the case, has advised the students to be calm and peaceful.

Tensions have risen at several educational institutions in Udupi, Shivamogga, Bagalkote, and other districts of Karnataka, with protests for and against the ‘hijab’ intensifying.

Stone pelting and lathi-charge events have also been recorded at other pre-university colleges, according to IANS.

A little stone petting incident occurred near a Bagalkote college, and a few students attempted to storm into the institution. The cops had to use force to disperse the students.

Stone pelting began in Shivamogga after a dispute erupted between hijab-wearing students and students wearing saffron scarves, according to authorities.Prohibitory orders were imposed later in the Shivamogga district.

Protests also broke out at Udupi’s Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College as a huge group of students wearing saffron stoles and headgears yelled slogans on the college campus while hijab-clad Muslim girls staged a protest seeking justice.

To maintain control over the situation, the police and college officials were obliged to interfere.Hearing in the Karnataka High CourtMeanwhile, the Karnataka high court has begun hearing petitions brought by five girls studying at a government pre-university institution in Udupi who are challenging the college’s hijab ban.

The petitioners asked the court to declare that they have a fundamental right to practise important religious activities on college grounds, including the wearing of the Islamic hijab.

The petitioners asked the court to declare that they have a fundamental right to practise important religious activities on college grounds, including the wearing of the Islamic hijab.

The court was outraged by students fighting one another and spilling out onto the streets.

“Judges will be concerned if they witness fire and blood on television. Intellect would not function if the mind is disturbed “According to a court led by Justice Krishna S Dixith.

Justice Dixit urged people to have faith in the Indian constitution, noting that only a few wicked persons were keeping the problem alive.

The court appealed the students to maintain peace and tranquility so that the public is not disturbed.

The bench added that it has full faith in the wisdom and virtue of the public at large and hoped that the same would be practiced.The court said that it will go by reason and law and not passion or emotions.

“We will go by what Constitution says. Constitution is the Bhagavad Gita for me,” the judge said.

It will resume hearing on the matter on Wednesday at 2.30pm.Schools, colleges shut for three daysKarnataka chief minister Basavaraj Bommai made a similar appeal, urging students, teachers and the public to maintain peace and harmony.

He said that all high schools and colleges across the state will be shut for the next three days in view of the protests.Earlier, state home minister Araga Jnanendra also urged the protesting students to maintain peace.

“You (students) are all educated, and you must consider your future plans. After two years of Covid-19, this year’s lessons went off without a hitch.

This is the time to start studying for your examinations, which are coming up in a few months “Jnanendra expressed his thoughts.In a video statement, the minister added that religious forces driving such incidents must be quelled and that everyone should think about the country “As brothers and children of this country, we must all stand together.

Uniformity denotes equality. Educational institutions are not the appropriate setting for us to practise our faith or display our costumes.”

“Everyone should strive to keep the peace. Don’t give the cops a chance to use their force. I implore parents to guide their children, and let us all work together to ensure that universities operate in a calm manner “Added he.

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