Prem Chopra hit back at the rumors of his demise, said- ‘Someone is enjoying doing this..’

Prem Chopra When the news of the death of Prem Chopra came, along with all the bigwigs of Bollywood, the common people were shocked and saddened. According to media reports, calls and messages are coming to Prem Chopra since this morning to know his well being. The callers are asking whether he is alive or not.

Some mischievous elements are spreading the news of false death of Bollywood celebrities. ETimes spoke to Prem Chopra. The actor said, ‘This is sadism and what is it! Somebody is taking pleasure in wrongly telling people that I am no more, but here I am talking to you, absolutely healthy and happy.’

Prem Chopra stresses on stopping false news
Prem Chopra further says, ‘I do not know how many such calls I have received since morning. Rakesh Roshan called me. Amod Mehra (Trade Analyst) called. I wonder who did this to me. Also, let me tell you that someone had spread false news of my death like this. Something similar happened with my close friend Jeetendra. This happened about four months ago. This needs to be stopped immediately.

Prem Chopra was suffering from Kovid-19
Prem Chopra and his wife Uma Chopra were unwell in January this year. Both were suffering from Kovid-19. He was admitted to Lilavati Hospital in Bandra, Mumbai, where he was kept under the care of Dr. Jalil Parker. Both are fine now.

People spreading false news without investigation
The web portal quoted a source as saying, “Social media is often being used to spread misinformation and deceive people into believing something which is completely fake. People don’t stop and check facts and spread the kind of news they hear, read or see. This is the time when people should introspect.

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