Petition filed in Delhi HC challenging DU Offline Exams

As per latest media reports, a plea has been filed in Delhi high Court challenging the Delhi University’s decision to conduct offline exams for the students. After Delhi University announced its decision to conduct DU Exams 2022 online students took to social media asking the university to conduct the exams online with the #DUOBEExams.

The petition was filed in Delhi High Court against the DU Exams 2022 challenging the February 11, 2022 notification issued by the university.

The petition filed also seeks for the exams to be conducted as an Open book Exam (OBE) for all the semester students.

Students protest on Offline Exams

The #DUStudentsDemandOBE was trending on Social Media which was used by DU students when raising their concerns against the university decision of an offline exam. In Spite of such opposition, there was resolution from the University authorities which is why the students moved to filing a petition in Delhi HC.

Petition filed in Delhi HC challenging DU Offline Exams

The DU exam petition was filed by 8 students of the university alleging that despite the orders of offline classes many colleges of DU continued with online classes and the sudden decision to conduct the offline exams by DU was not a wise and favourable one for many students.

The petition is filed against the DU offline exams and also argues that the fear of COVID 4th wave is doing the rounds and the offline exams at DU will only increase the risk of students contracting the disease.

The issue of DU exams 2022 was also raised with Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan while the hashtag #PradhanJiHelpDUStudentsWithOBE.

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