PETA wants Ranveer Singh to pose nude for a special purpose, request by writing a letter

Ranveer singh (Ranveer Singh) is in the headlines for getting a nude photoshoot done for a magazine. FIRs were also registered against him due to the controversial photoshoot. Many people appeared in support of him, while many were against him. Amidst all this, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has urged Ranveer to promote one of his campaigns.

PETA wants to inspire people to be vegan under this campaign. He has written a letter requesting Ranveer Singh to help him in making people aware of his campaign. They want Ranveer to promote their campaign.

According to media reports, in the letter written for Ranveer Singh, PETA India writes, ‘We have seen the photoshoot you have done for Paper magazine. We hope you will sacrifice your pants for us too. We know how much you love animals. Would you like to pose nude in an advertisement for PETA India?’

PETA wants to cast Ranveer in one of its ads
The letter of ‘PETA’ further reads, ‘The tagline of the ad is – every living being has the same parts, would you like to be vegan?’ In this letter to Ranveer Singh, ‘PETA’ has also attached a picture of Pamela Anderson. The letter further explains the benefits of being vegan. Ranveer Singh has been requested to promote this campaign.

Many actresses supported Ranveer Singh’s nude photoshoot
Many people may have raised objections about Ranveer’s nude photoshoot, but many Bollywood actresses and actors were seen standing in his support. From Vidya Balan to Alia Bhatt, many actresses praised her nude photoshoot. On the work front, the audience will next see her in Rohit Shetty’s ‘Circus’ and Karan Johar’s ‘Rocky and Rani’s love story’. These films will knock in theaters next year.

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