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On supporting Shahrukh Khan, Prakash Raj was told – Swara Bhaskar’s mail version, then the actor gave such an answer


Aug 26, 2022
On supporting Shahrukh Khan, Prakash Raj was told – Swara Bhaskar's mail version, then the actor gave such an answer

Prakash Raj (Prakash Raj) defended actor Shah Rukh Khan and his family on Twitter, while some people started calling him ‘Swara Bhaskar’s mail version’ on social media. Swara Bhaskar openly talks about social issues on the Internet. When Prakash Raj replied to the trolls, Swara Bhaskar also commented on his tweet.

Prakash re-shared a post, which read, ‘How can he (Shah Rukh) and his family go through such suffering, who have been giving love and happiness to the nation for decades!’ Commenting on this, a user wrote, ‘Prakash has tweeted, do you see it or not. This tweet has no value. He is the male version of Swara Bhaskar.

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Prakash Raj happy to be compared with Swara Bhaskar
The actor replied, ‘I feel honored to be told the male version of Swara Bhaskar. Whose version are you, just asking. Swara then wrote for Prakash Raj, ‘Sir, you are the best version of yourself!’ Both Swara and Prakash Raj often make headlines by replying to their tweets and trolls.

swara bhaskar gave a great reply to twitter user
Swara Bhaskar had replied to a Twitter user a few days back, who made fun of her next film ‘Jahaan Chaar Yaar’. User Amit Kumar wrote, ‘Eagerly waiting for the film to become a hit in theatres.’ Responding to him, Swara wrote, ‘Thank you.’ A minute later the user said, ‘Welcome, actually my apartment is under construction so can’t find a quiet place to sleep, what could be quieter than the theater during your movie!’

Swara does not hesitate to reply to trolls
On this the actress commented, ‘Haha! Glad that I gave you a chance to tell my joke after a lot of rehearsals. Now go show your friends that I answered.’ Earlier, the actress used to get upset with people reacting aggressively on social media, but now it is not so.

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