OMG! Rakhi Sawant said on Ranveer Singh’s NUDE photoshoot, ‘It is kind to girls’, see VIDEO

Rakhi Sawant is called a little ‘drama queen’. She often makes the mercury of social media high with her statements. Rakhi Sawant has once again reacted on Ranveer Singh’s nude photoshoot and this time made such a statement, after which there has been a stir on social media. Rakhi has recently shared a video, which is now becoming very viral on social media (Rakhi Sawant New Video).

Nude photoshoot of Ranveer Singh where the ruckus is not taking the name of stopping. At the same time, many Bollywood celebs have reacted in support of Ranveer. Rakhi Sawant recently shared a video on social media and once again openly supported Ranveer Singh and said that he is kind to the girls.

What did Rakhi Sawant say?
Rakhi Sawant, famous by the name of ‘Drama Queen’, has shared a video on Instagram, in which she has again talked about Ranveer Singh’s nude photoshoot. In the video she is saying, ‘Friends, I am very tired. I am really tired. I have just landed from Dubai and still I am only listening to Ranveer Singh’s nudity. Hey… all the girls come naked in front of the camera. If a Ranveer has come nude, then how many girls of the country has he been kind to him.

‘Ranveer may not catch my eye’
In the video, Rakhi further says, ‘There is so much peace in our eyes, in our hearts, everywhere that we have seen a boy nude. Hi… how handsome you look. Ranveer may not catch my eye anywhere.

People are telling Rakhi slander
After this, Rakhi Sawant is seen singing the song ‘Hi Garmi’ in the video and then says that my Ranveer, you should get a photoshoot done like this. I want to see you like this. This video of Rakhi is now becoming very viral on social media, after which people are trolling her a lot.

Let us tell you that earlier Rakhi had said, ‘Look, what is the story behind it, Ranveer cannot tell, but he was compulsive. Ranveer’s friend will tell. Rakhi Sawant while narrating the story said, ‘It is getting so hot in London and America. What will the next guy do? After running the AC, taking out the clothes, he just went to take bath that in such a time two monkeys came and took away their clothes. So what will Ranveer Singh do in such a situation? This funny video of Rakhi Sawant became very viral on social media.

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