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Nupur Alankar became a monk, know why the actress took the path of spirituality


Aug 19, 2022
Nupur Alankar became a monk, know why the actress took the path of spirituality

Nupur Alankar (Nupur Alankar) has made a distance from the acting world and has moved towards the Himalayas. Actually, the actress has decided to lead a sanyasi life. Everyone is surprised by this decision of the actress. Why did he decide to leave the glittering world of the TV industry behind and become a sanyasi? Let’s know.

Viewers have seen Nupur acting in shows like ‘Ghar Ki Laxmi Betiyan’, ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’. The actress was active in the acting world for many years, but she was not getting peace in life. In a conversation with ETimes, he said that I followed the spiritual life, towards which I was always inclined. I decided to help the needy. I had adopted a sannyasin life in February.

Nupur Alankar is busy in pilgrimage
The actress is currently busy with pilgrimage and feels blessed to have the guidance of her mentor Shambhu Sharan Jha. She is completely absorbed in the sannyasin life. She has moved towards the journey of the Himalayas. Nupur told that she has given her flat in Mumbai on rent, so that she can meet the expenses related to travel.

Nupur Alankar was helped by people at the time of lockdown
The actress said, ‘Many people believe that I am shattered from inside. I have taken such a decision after getting tired of life, but the truth is something else. Let us inform that Nupur had appealed to the people for financial help at the time of lockdown in the year 2019. People had helped him through crowd funding. The actress did not even have money for her mother’s treatment then.

Nupur is no longer afraid of losing anything
Nupur’s mother passed away in the year 2020. The actress said, ‘I have no fear of losing anything now. Drama has no place in my life anymore. I have found myself free from all kinds of responsibilities. Nupur told that she was able to retire late due to her brother-in-law getting stuck in Afghanistan. The actress tied the knot with Alankar Srivastava in the year 2002. After meeting her mother-in-law and husband, she headed towards the Himalayas.

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