Now there will be no jail for drinking alcohol, Nitish government’s big decision

A big decision has been taken amid the prohibition of liquor in Bihar. Now the drinker will not be sent to jail if caught. Instead, he will only have to give information about the liquor mafia. If the liquor mafia is arrested on the information received, then the drinker will not have to go to jail. This information has been given by Excise Commissioner Kartikeya Dhanji.

Actually, this big decision has been taken due to the increasing number of alcoholics in the jails of Bihar. This decision has been taken in the meeting held today. Bihar Police and Prohibition Department have been given special powers in this.

The burden was on both the jail and the court.

The Bihar government had released a figure in November of the year 2021, which surprised the people. It was told that from January 2021 to October 2021, 49 thousand 900 people were arrested in the districts of the state by conducting special raids. In which alcoholics and liquor smugglers were involved. Also, a total of 38 lakh 72 thousand 645 liters of illicit liquor was confiscated during this period.
Now there will be no jail for drinking alcohol, Nitish government's big decision

Along with the jails, the burden of prohibition cases on the courts of Bihar also increased. Later the matter reached the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court had expressed concern over the plethora of bail pleas in the court. The next hearing of the case is to be held on March 8, before which the Bihar government has now taken a big decision not to arrest.

After the prohibition, liquor smugglers had become active in Bihar, about which the opposition was constantly raising questions. The prohibition of liquor of the Nitish government has been called a failure in the state. Assembly Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha himself had raised questions on the methods of functioning of the police. He had said that if 100 bottles of liquor are caught, then the police show only 5.

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