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Not Sapna, not Sunita… Now the discussion of Manvi Baby’s ruckus dance, this video is fantastic


Sep 10, 2022
Not Sapna, not Sunita... Now the discussion of Manvi Baby's ruckus dance, this video is fantastic

Sapna Choudhary is a well-known name in the Haryanvi entertainment world. But, apart from them, there are some such beauties of Haryana, who have created panic everywhere with their dance and tremendous expressions. One of these is Manvi Baby. Whose dance videos have wreaked havoc on YouTube. Her dance videos are everywhere, seeing which people forget about any other dancer.

Maanvi Baby makes everyone crazy with her tremendous style. Not only his dance, his tremendous style also remains in tremendous discussion. In the video, Maanvi Baby can be seen doing a tremendous dance on ‘Teri Kasam Jaan’ wearing a black and red suit. Along with this, she is also tampering with her dupatta a lot.

On the Haryanvi song ‘Teri Kasam Jaan’, the human baby is showing a lot of tremors. This video of her has been shared by a YouTube channel named ‘Maanvi Super Dancer’, which is being well-liked. The special thing is that the video has got more than 11 lakh views so far. Maanvi Baby is slowly making her mark in the industry.

However, this is not the first time that the video of Maanvi Baby is in the headlines, even before that many of her videos have created panic on YouTube. Similarly, this video of him is also being liked. Users are also not tired of praising his tremendous dances.

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