NCPCR’s strict guideline for children associated with Showbiz, ‘cannot get work done for more than 6 hours’

Guidelines For Child Artistes: Be it movies or TV shows, the innocent performances of child actors win the hearts of the audience. But sometimes innocent children also have to face huge problems in the midst of long running shootings and hustle and bustle. Not only this, these child actors also face problems because of the wishes of their parents. In such a situation, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has prepared a guideline regarding the work of children associated with the entertainment world. These rules will also apply to reality shows including TV-film, OTT, advertisement.

According to the rules made for child artists, children associated with showbiz cannot be employed for more than 6 hours in a day. The presence of the parents or legal guardian of the children during the shooting. A break will have to be given every 3 hours. Not only this, the responsibility of providing security on the shooting set will also be the responsibility of the makers. For this permission will also have to be taken from the District Magistrate. Apart from this, arrangements for child counselors and tutors will also have to be made. Apart from this, there are many points to note as well.

Commission has received complaints
NCPCR chairperson Priyank Kanungo has said, ‘Many complaints have been received regarding children associated with TV serials and OTT platforms. We have to pay attention to the working hours and working conditions of minor children associated with showbiz. Therefore, there is a need to strictly implement these guidelines.

The commission says that ‘unfortunately there are parents who care more on their earnings than on taking care of their children. To fit in the shooting schedule, the children’s schedules keep changing according to the wishes of the makers. It has often been seen that to manage the career of children, they leave their jobs.

Committee will meet soon
The committee will hold meetings with heads and studio heads from all production houses. NCPCR has prepared a draft of do’s and don’ts for children associated with showbiz. By July 31, the public can give their feedback on this guideline. It will get legal form soon.

Along with producers, strictness is also necessary on parents
Vani Tripathi Tiku, a member of the commission, says that ‘the main objective of this guideline is that child actors working in showbiz should be treated like children, and children should be treated not only by producers but also from exploitation of parents. Have to save’.

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